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Being a 3rd generation prestige motor dealer, I have accumulated a wealth of Motor Trade intuition, over the last 40 years.

From purchasing stock, preparing, presenting, and ultimately selling, I know exactly what the public are looking for, and what price they should be paying.

It is a buyer’s market out there, with the internet providing the driving force behind today’s prices, especially for the pre owned market.

My team strives to procure only the most suitable vehicles for resale, and we do our very best to ensure that the product that we sell, is authentic in it’s history, genuine in it’s presentation, much more than roadworthy, and above all, tremendous value for money.

We specialize in personalized service, offering honest advice and motor trade related opinions, to our potential customers, with absolutely no obligation.

Financial services

I am proud to have secured the cutting edge financial services, of Platinum Direct Finance, whose team are unsurpassed, when it comes to providing the most competitive, ‘on the spot’ financial quotes, customized and personalized consultation. No budget is too big, or too small, with these talented brokers.

National Warranty

Whilst all Motor Dealers, are bound to the Governmental laws regarding statutory warranty, it is important to know, that ‘YES’, there are several independent warranty providers in the market place today, however, the company that I have received unlimited support from, is National Warranty. In my experience, and the few times that we have had to engage their services, I have had nothing but hassle free warranty claims, all honored within 7 days of lodgement.  I am extremely pleased to offer their services.

In summary, the internet now provides more knowledge of today’s motor vehicles, than we can ever learn, and I believe my customers may be able to teach me a lesson or two…. However, combined with my automotive experience and motor trade heritage, I know that my team will provide the perfect vehicle for you, whilst matching your buying criteria, complimenting your lifestyle, and most important of all, meeting your affordable budget.

Thank you once again, for visiting Matthew John Rhodin, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Matthew John Rhodin.